Log, Edit, Render and Manage More Media Faster!
IT Environments Come Alive with Incite IT-Products

Incite IT-Products are specifically designed for fibre channel IT installations, increasing
interactivity between editing workstations, standard PC stations and laptops. These tools literally
multiply your work force, opening the door for logging from tape source on a PC or Laptop, faster
media selection, clip creation, PC-Laptop logging from tape source, batch rendering and batch
encoding. Conceived as stand alone applications, they offer full integration features for Incite
Editor, delivering advantages to the single-station editor as well.

Incite Logger - Incite Logger lets you create log clips from a VTR, with the ability to mark in and
out, add markers and organize clips by numerous parameters, allowing project management to
begin even before acquisition. Once created, Incite Editor can easily access these logging clips
via network shared storage bins for immediate batch capture.

Incite Clip Manager covers all aspects of media management, whether its clip creation, network
browsing, searching, sorting or storage selection. Incite Clip Manager provides access to More
Media Faster, letting you associate metadata and comments to captured clips for easier
retrieval, better file management, and greater editing flexibility needed in fast paced
environments. Metadata is user-definable and can be fully customized to fit the needs of your
project. Incite Clip Manager also uses the design principles of the MXF format to enable future
interaction with that standard.

Incite Clip Manager offers “codec independence” which means it can be installed on any
standard PC or on a laptop, and not just Incite Editor workstations. On a single station, software
codec editing means there is no wait while a batch capture list is being captured, letting editors
start quickly with the storytelling process. In a network environment, squadrons of journalists can
edit footage from PCs, laptops or directly on Incite Editor, delivering more news content, faster.
Incite Clip Manager also provides advanced search and sorting tools, Rich Text Formatting for
adding comments, and the possibility to open multiple bins with direct drag and drop clip insertion
to the Incite Editor timeline.

Incite Render Server is a behind-the-scenes automation tool that allows multi-task batch
rendering and encoding in an IT fibre channel environment. It is the first in a line of products that
will manage tasks for editors in the background, including scheduling and distributing tasks over
multiple stations. On a network, assign all these time consuming operations to a dedicated,
high-speed render station or scan the network to background render on any available station.
Single-station editors can use this application to task list software-rendered effects as well as
batch encode media and timelines to multiple formats for final delivery.


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