Incite Editor Drives Production!
Real-time Power. Stunning Integration

Incite Editor sits at the core of Incite's workflow philosophy. Incite Editor brings the professional editing tools experienced editors need and demand everyday, whether it is in the studio or in the newsroom.

Incite Editor non-linear editing software is designed to run on the entire Matrox DigiSuite product family, Windows ® NT and Windows ® 2000.

Incite Editor delivers real-time editing and FX capabilities for up to 2 disk-based video channels,
1 Live video input channel and 1 graphic channel, allowing up to 16 simultaneous real-time FX.

Incite Editor also provides versatile tools for multi-layer compiling and live recording, hybrid editing
(tape-to-tape and tape-to-disk), and multiple VTR control via VLAN.

Popular 3rd party software FX (Boris ® RED, Boris® FX, Film FX®, Ultimatte ®, Hollywood FX®,
and VIXen ®) can be included as direct plug-ins for added FX composition.

Third party hardware can also be integrated, ranging from direct plug-in features (like Incite's use
of the Mykerinos audio card for Audio Plus features) to hardware integration (like the JLCooper
remote control panel, edit controllers, switchers, mixers, etc.).


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