Reliability.Speed.Productivity.Quality. The Essence of Incite Broadcasting

The SAN environment, simply put, is Incite's most natural habitat, a virtual breeding ground for
Incite editing tools and solutions that deliver high-quality content with faster than air-time speed
and agility.

Incite's ability to unite multiple Incite editing stations, logging stations, acquisition stations, and
proxy editors delivers increased collaboration between journalists and editors ... in another words,
more media, in more ways, faster!

Media is seen as a common pool, where access is immediate and simultaneous. Network-
administrated project files and databases can easily be accessed and shared, making task
division a key concept in faster content delivery.

                             Click to Enlarge Broadcast Production Workflow

Reasons to Broadcast with Incite:

• SAN Sharing: Network shared media files, clip bins and databases.
• Low cost logging, browsing and editing tools efficiently multiply your edit force
  using standard PCs and software-codec editing
• Proxy Editing: Software-only editing! Edit Lo-res versions of Hi-res media. No
  need to re-capture!
• VLAN for 31 VTRs per station
• Live Video/Audio editing and mixing and printing
• VTR Emulation (control Incite's timeline using an external Edit Controller)
• Edit and log during capture
• Batch render and encode with full automation and multi-tasking
• Key Output and 2nd Program Output to Switchers and Mixers.
• Deliver output to playout stations, DLTs, SAN-controlled storage, tape devices,
  audio suites (LTC output), edit controllers, switchers and mixers.


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