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Mixing and Surround

SCOPE /SP is extremely well suited to serve as a powerful mixing console inside your computer. Its ability to mix external as well as internal signal sources in realtime can in many situations render a hardware mixer completely superfluous. For example, your premixes can be created entirely in the computer – you need only move over to the studio console for mastering. Regardless of the particular situation, SCOPE /SP is a uniquely capable extension of any existing mixing system.

The SCOPE /SP software includes a variety of mixers designed for different applications. The luxurious SP Mix will surely be at the core of many of your SCOPE /SP productions. SP Mix is the first virtual digital mixer which can hold its own in a comparison against the big professional consoles. It has 48 channels, eight busses and eight aux paths. Per channel, a freely-configurable 4-band graphic EQ, a compressor with sidechain and four effects inserts can be switched in. The list of additional features includes mute groups, fader groups, talkback, solo defeat and PFL. Individual sections, such as the deluxe VU meter bridge or the master section, can be hidden when not needed to preserve a clear overview. As with all SCOPE /SP devices, SP Mix can be completely remote-controlled and automated via MIDI controllers.

In conjunction with the numerous I/O options available for the SCOPE /SP hardware, SP Mix puts a highly functional and sonically uncompromising total-recall digital mixer into your hands.

Surround Sound
Surround is the sound of the future. If you’re active in the areas of multimedia, post-production, music for film or DVD authoring, you will love the Surround Mixer. A special 5.1 version of the SP Mix offers you 48 full-featured channels which are mixed to six surround channels. SCOPE /SP thus supports today's most common surround format.

Each individual channels features a graphical X/Y matrix and an additional control for the LFE channel, allowing you to create your surround mix in a very direct, intuitive manner. Of course, this mixer can also be completely automated via MIDI controllers, so you can effortlessly record the spatial movements of your signals.

Project Window 1
Project Window 2
Recording Mixer
Surround Mixer


SCOPE /SP sets new standards in the area of sampling as well. Included in the software package is the STS-5000 – the most powerful software sampler in existence. In fact, the label "sampler" really doesn't do justice to this revolutionary instrument. A few highlights: realtime time-stretching and pitch-shifting with formant correction permit total manipulation of your sound material in realtime; 25 different filters; also handles 32-bit / 96 kHz samples; up to 64 stereo voices*; fully compatible with Akai S1000 & S3000 sample libraries, SoundFont, WAV and AIFF formats ...

The STS-5000 is a full-fledged studio sampler. Since its functionality is computed predominantly by the DSPs of the SCOPE /SP hardware, professional performance and absolutely tight timing are guaranteed. Along with its many impressive features, the STS-5000 offers the advantage of easy, convenient operation. It provides you with crystal-clear overviews of its contents and loads even large banks of samples in just seconds. Samples and programs can be edited onscreen – directly in the sampler itself, without data transfers of any kind. Naturally, all sampler settings are stored directly in the SCOPE /SP project and reloaded along with it. A sampler could hardly be more practical – all of the tedious, time-consuming twiddling around with an external rack sampler is simply done away with.

Additional STS-5000 features in overview:

* when realtime time-stretching and pitch-shifting are not being used

Sampling STS5000 Main
Sampling STS5000 Keygroup
Sampling STS5000 Editor

DSP Effects

With SCOPE /SP, you use effects plug-ins just as you would use the external effects devices in your studio: they can be incorporated into the signal chain at any point, deployed as inserts in the mixer or driven via the aux circuits. The DSP effects delivered with SCOPE /SP include EQs, dynamics processors, delays, phasers, flangers and vocoders. In addition, more unusual plug-ins such as the decimator, the resonator and a 5-second delay are also on hand for sound experimentation.

All effects are computed at 32-bit resolution and are thus perfectly suited for use with 24-bit productions. Naturally, all effects operate latency-free in realtime and can therefore be used with external as well as internal signal sources – inconceivable without DSPs!

SCOPE /SP comes with over forty effects – and many more are available from CreamWare and from third-party developers. If you additionally wish to integrate your external effects rack into your SCOPE /SP productions, no problem: just hook them up via the SCOPE /SP inputs and outputs and insert them into the signal path wherever desired.



The SCOPE /SP software includes a complete collection of high-quality synthesizers. Although these are all virtual instruments, they nevertheless behave exactly like their hardware counterparts: thanks to the fact that they are computed by the blazing-fast SHARC DSPs, you can play SCOPE /SP instruments without latency and without overburdening your host CPU!

There are several classical subtractive synths which offer the same fat sound as the analog original – but with the additional advantages of SCOPE /SP's excellent sound quality and complete MIDI-controllability. Custom sounds can naturally be easily stored. Furthermore, a giant but easy-to-use FM synthesizer is included – sound design was never this much fun!

And beyond these, there are dozen of further instruments available for the Pulsar/SCOPE platform from CreamWare, third-party developers and users of the SCOPE /DP development system.

Thanks to its incredible DSP performance, SCOPE /SP lets you operate numerous virtual instruments with high polyphony simultaneously. The system effortlessly delivers the necessary power and virtual equipment for a complete, professional production. But almost more important than this is the fantastic sound quality of the sound generators – because our synthesis specialist were able to freely indulge their desires with respect to sound quality, without being hindered by the need to minimize CPU loading. You'll clearly hear the difference.

In the synthesis department alone, SCOPE /SP handily replaces a ton (literally!) of conventional sound generators – a virtual-device playground which will quickly become indispensable for anyone who regularly tinkers with sounds.

Modular Synthesizer
Are you a lover of new, offbeat sounds? If so, you'll love SCOPE /SP's Modular Synthesizer. It offers all of the functionality of the well-known classical modular systems and quite a bit more. Build yourself the instrument of your dreams! The system includes over 140 software modules which can be connected as desired using virtual patch cables. You'll find everything you need for the construction of synthesizers, drum computers, effects devices and "unclassifiables" – even audio inputs, a sample-player module and the famed Waldorf Wavetable Oscillator. You'll also love the unbelievably fat filters. Go ahead and experiment, and create your own personal sound. Thanks to its performance, its sound quality and the breadth of the module selection, SCOPE /SP's Modular Synthesizer is the most powerful modular synthesizer of its kind on the market.

Miniscope Synthesizer
Modular Synthesizer
Software I/O Modules

The VDAT and the VRC-128

The SCOPE /SP software package includes two further highlights for owners of Alesis digital tape machines: the VDAT and the VRC-128, a virtual multitrack recorder and accompanying virtual control unit. Both can be connected to existing Alesis ADATs™ and/or the Alesis BRC™ via the 9-pin interface to extend an ADAT setup.

The VDAT behaves just like an ADAT. It runs in wordclock-precise sync to your external recorders and can be remote-controlled via an Alesis BRC. Or, you can use the VRC-128 to control your VDAT / ADAT setup comfortably and with an optimal overview. Up to sixteen real and virtual devices can be so combined.

What does all of this signify? First of all, you can use the VDAT to bolster your existing ADAT setup with a large number of additional tracks. At 16-bit resolution, the VDAT permits up to 128 tracks! However, the VDAT can also record with 24-bit and even 32-bit resolution. And even at this resolution, which guarantees absolutely faithful sound recording and reproduction, as many as 96 tracks are possible*.

Secondly, you can deploy the VDAT during the actual production to make the ADAT(s) largely unnecessary. At the click of a button, a complete ADAT tape is copied onto your hard disk. From that point on, you can work in a much more relaxed fashion – without rewind times, tape wear and creative error messages. Once the production is complete, you simply copy the VDAT tracks back onto tape. Pretty slick, huh?

The VDAT combines the best of both worlds – compatibility with the ADAT format and all advantages of the virtual studio. The VDAT makes the ADAT format future-compatible – we're ready to bet that you'll never want to give up your VDAT!

* Achievable track count depends upon the host computer.


Hardware and I/Os

SCOPE /SP is based on the by far most powerful audio DSP engine currently obtainable. With its fifteen on-board SHARC DSPs and a spectacular peak performance of 2.7 Gflops of pure computing power, the SCOPE /SP hardware is your personal time machine. SCOPE /SP gives you a performance advantage of several years in comparison to all of the native systems in the beginner class.

Along with concentrated DSP power, the PCI card features a flexible I/O system. Inputs and outputs are located on a daughterboard, permitting them to be easily swapped to adapt to different studio configurations. You can choose freely from among several I/O options: In the "classic" version, the system offers 20 I/Os (stereo analog, stereo S/PDIF and 2 x ADAT). The use of 24-bit / 96 kHz AD/DA converters ensures utmost sound quality. SCOPE /SP "Plus" offers balanced analog connections and AES/EBU. In the "Z-Link" version, a total of 28 I/Os are available (analog, S/PDIF, ADAT and 2 x Z-Link*). Alternatively, a 24-I/O daughterboard with three ADAT interfaces can be used.

The Sync Plate additionally provides you with BNC wordclock I/O and ADAT 9-pin inputs and outputs, thus permitting the synchronization and control of external ADAT recorders. Sample-word accurate sync between an ADAT and an HDR application or a VDAT can be set up in just a few moments.

A SCOPE /SP system can be expanded most flexibly with additional DSP power and additional I/Os. Towards this end, the hardware is outfitted with five S/TDM busses which ensure the problem-free integration of additional cards from the SCOPE family.

* Z-Link is the 8-channel, 24-bit / 96 kHz digital format from CreamWare. The Luna 2496 I/O Box is available for performing AD/Da conversion.

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